Calla Lily Package

Styling & Coordination
Ideally starts 6 to 8 months away or less from the wedding day

MORS Wedding Calla LilyYou might have a glimpse of a few great ideas you want in your wedding, but you’re not sure how to pull it all together, or whether the idea will look as you imagine. You might be great with scheduling, developing the timelines and checklists, but you need creative advice on wedding décor, color palettes or vendor management. This package is perfect for the couple that wants a hands-on planning experience while getting a professional to enhance their ideas and design a wedding beyond what they could’ve done themselves.

Calla Lily is a partial-service package. Let our expert team handle one of the most stressful phases of wedding planning for you, including set-up and tear down on the day-of, while providing all of the perks of an assisted planning program to keep you on top of the details. We will custom design your wedding to reflect perfectly your taste & style as a couple, and help you along the planning process to ensure a flawlessly executed wedding day. We go the extra mile to find out what your perfect wedding looks like and bring it to life, while you continue to plan the other important elements of the day.