MORS Wedding

The Wedding of Steffy & IcatEvery couple wants the perfect wedding, but many don’t know where to begin: Some couples want a humorous and spontaneous wedding, while others want a well-planned, solemn, and more traditional approach.

You come to the right place; MORS Wedding is here to assist you. Our approach is simple, we genuinely care and take time to understand your personal interests. Your wedding is about you and the tone of your wedding must communicate your personality and values. We will offer you objective advice and work with you to develop a wedding that represents your core beliefs, your truest feelings and the things most important to you.

When the atmosphere and words of your ceremony reflect the love you and your fiancé feel for each other and you are able to enjoy your day with no anxiety, then we believe that we have accomplished our goal. We’ll help you celebrate your day beautifully.